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Spring Outdoor School Staff!

Meet Fayrouz!
Hello friends My name is Fayrouz I’m from Jordan, my pronouns are (she/they) I’m sooo excited to meet everyone!
My background includes working directly with all groups of youth, children as a trainer and coordinator of training courses in several programs such as leadership, nonviolent communication, emotional intelligence and volunteer work with the Crown Prince Foundation and the Ministry of Youth. In addition, I design many fun-filled activities that combine education and fun. I’m excited to do it with you.
I urge faith in the saying “love what you do to do what you love” and it has made me happy and grateful to be working in the camps.
I want to make a difference in this world and not be just a number in a statistic, that was born and died without no trace. And the time I’m going to spend with you in camp is one of my steps to reach my goal.

Meet Roberto!
Hello! My name is Roberto. My pronouns are he, him, and his. I was born and raised in San Francisco and have been pursuing an Environmental Education career path since I graduated college. I have a Bachelors degree in Communication Studies and have worked in numerous Outdoor positions including a summer camp counselor, team building instructor, and as a Conservation Corps member for Americorps. I love working with kids and exposing people to the natural wonders of nature and I cannot wait to do it some more on the beautiful property of CampFire Wilani along with its abundant wildlife. My hobbies include hiking, camping, birding, swimming, lifting weights, and slack lining. 

Meet Seneca!
My name is Seneca, my pronouns are she/her/hers. I currently live in Eugene where I’m finishing my final year at the University of Oregon studying political science and economics. Over the summer I work for Young Musicians and Artists Inc., which is a residential arts camp for middle and high schoolers in Salem, OR. During the school year, I lead weekly supplemental education groups for calculus students at the university where we focus on group work and employing learning styles to make the course material as approachable and comprehensible as possible. As a native to the Pacific Northwest, I would be remiss if I didn’t include my enjoyment of the world around me in my interests. Whether it’s a walk to campus, a hike in the outskirts of Eugene or simply watching crows chat on a powerline, I’ve always loved getting outside and appreciating the splendor of the world around us. I also really enjoy watercolor painting, journaling and reading. I am looking forward to the opportunity to educate students about the world around us and the importance of maintaining a healthy, thriving environment for every living creature. The world around us is so beautiful, dynamic and diverse and I am so excited to appreciate and learn about that beauty together.

Meet Veronica!
Hi everyone! My name is Veronica (she/her). I’m from Maryland and I recently graduated from Towson University with a bachelors in biology! My concentration was in ecology, conservation, and evolution. I led an animal research lab at my school and I also worked as a Girl Scout camp counselor for 3 summers in Virginia where we went backpacking, caving, rafting, & other fun stuff. I like painting and making music. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone, making impactful connections with campers, and going to Oregon for the first time!

Meet Amber!
My name is Amber and I use she/her pronouns. I am from Beaverton, OR and have lived in Oregon my whole life. I started my college career with an interest in elementary and middle school education to expand on my prior experience nannying and taking childhood development courses in high school. During the pandemic I took a year-long internship at a camp I had previously been a counselor at. I got to be outside constantly and work with youth and families in many capacities! Now, I am finishing my BA at the University of Oregon in the Family and Human Services major. In my free time I love to go hiking, paddle boarding, and drive out to the coast! I am looking forward to sharing my love of the outdoors with students, learning from them, and discovering more about the planet and the pacific northwest together!

Meet Marley!
My name is Marley Govea and my pronouns are She/They. I am from Ventura, a small beach town in southern California. I am currently a second year Biotechnology student at Ventura College with my main focus being biology and botany. My background includes being an Activities Director for the elderly and volunteering for the Ventura Land trust, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, and Harmon Canyon in Ventura County. That work entails trail restoration, working alongside the California Conservation Corps (CCC) to remove up to 400 invasive and non-native species and planting native species in their place, as well as maintaining and teaching environmental stewardship.
Some activities I participate in for fun are backpacking, traveling, foraging, hiking, and finding ways to educate myself on how to live with sustainability. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing my love for the outdoors!

Meet Tanner!
Hey everyone! Tanner here! I use he/him pronouns, and I was born and raised in Southern Oregon (Central Point if you’re familiar). I spent four years studying human physiology and Spanish at UO and graduated as soon as the pandemic was ramping up. I have since been living back at home, with plans to move to Austin, TX, this summer — but not before having an unforgettably great time at camp! Im passionate about science and sustainability and am currently volunteering in a two-way immersion Spanish kindergarten classroom. I’m excited for the meaningful and educational experiences I get to contribute to with Camp Fire Wilani this spring! I love baking and running, getting outdoors, games of all varieties, and laughing a lot in good company. See y’all soon!

Meet Miquèla!
Hi everyone! I’m Miquèla, and use she/they pronouns. I’m from North Carolina, but am a born and raised New York native and have always dreamed of the west coast! I have worked in childcare for 3 years now, from infants-to teenagers! I’ve taken ECE to better understand development and needs of children and young teens, and am in school to finish my associates. I have experience working with after school programs, as well as working with Montessori preschools. I have always loved working with children, I think it is such an amazing opportunity to be the guide and support for the younger generation! In my free time I have an addiction to collections squishmallows, thrifting and binge watching my favorite comfort shows. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and seeing the beautiful sights in Oregon!

Meet Nicole!
My name is Nicole Alleyne (she/her). I am from Augusta, Georgia, and am super stoked to make the trek to Oregon this spring. As a current undergraduate student, I study American Studies and Education. I take particular interest in anti-racist and decolonial pedagogies, as well as the ways alternative education supports social-emotional learning and curiosity in students. I enjoy squinting at trees trying my best to identify them, reading good books, and walking (and singing!!) in the rain. I’m excited to explore the outdoors with a group of rocking team members this spring.

Meet Andy!
Hey y’all! I’m Andy and I use any pronouns. I’m from Ohio though I spent most of the last year in Maine working at a summer camp as a counselor/ceramics instructor and living in Boston MA as an intern at an outdoor preschool. I have a lot of experience working with kids from volunteering within my local and state 4h community doing different activities. I’m a fan of any kind of art or outdoors activity. I especially love archery and have worked as a archery instructor for different 4h programs teaching kids to shoot. I’m really looking forward to just spending a lot of time outdoors with cool people and having the opportunity to have a positive impact on kids while still having a lot of fun.

Meet Elana!
Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to meet you all at the start of the season. My name is Elana and I use she/her pronouns. I grew up in Germantown, Maryland and my first job was an after school program tutor and summer camp counselor. In 2016 I moved to Durango, CO where I completed my bachelor’s in Public Health at Fort Lewis College. My favorite and most memorable courses were in ecology, microbiology and environmental health. Throughout the years, I have been a preschool teacher and babysitter. Since graduating in 2019, I have gained experience in social services through volunteering as a hotline advocate and working as a technician for the county Human Services department. I really enjoy connecting with others, and love talking about anything outdoor related. I am ready to get outside and foster a fun learning environment for students. In my free time I enjoy aerial arts, hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, crafting, and making jewelry. I am so excited to have the opportunity to join you all at Camp!

Meet Karolina!
I am Karolina Felix (she/her) from Lithuania. Since childhood I was surrounded by loving people who know the value of nature, health, and delicious home grown food. In university I studied Japanese and spent one year deepening my knowledge in Japan. However, after I finished university I wanted more than just a regular job that did little for the well being of those around me. I found a volunteer opportunity to travel while studying about climate change. The program took me to Denmark to study then to the Caribbean to start schools gardens, work close with communities (where I met my husband Ammon Felix). Then to Austria and Italy to share my experiences of Climate Change and working with projects. I moved to the Walla Walla valley because of my love in February 2019. I first worked at Welcome Table Farm and later worked as a teacher assistant and substitute lead teacher at Little Angels Bio-Dome Daycare and Preschool. I was there to support children in healthy social and emotional development as well as communicating with parents and families. Also, while working at Welcome Table Farm I had a chance to help lead the “Nature Kids On The Farm” day camp. The kids got to see and learn about farm life, plants, animals and have hands on fun activities such as making lemonade, bouquets and, of course, enjoying farm fresh food.
I love travelling, hiking with my husband Ammon. I like biking, ice-skating, drawing, reading and enjoying delicious food.

Meet Ammon!
First of all I am thankful to be part of this team. My name is Ammon Felix, I use he/him pronouns. I grew up in Tri-cities and moved to Walla Walla, WA after living abroad in the Caribbean (this is where my wife and I met ) and Ecuador studying permaculture, teaching English, and natural science. Abroad I learned how important growing your own food is. I also came to see how our daily choices are destroying the planet and creating chaos around the world. When I returned home I made it my goal to connect with my environment, in part by growing and sharing good food. I have worked on farms where we hosted school trips, and run elementary school garden clubs. My main occupation is as an Arborist pruning and caring for trees. After years of self study I have recently started a Permaculture Design company focused on helping people live in partnership with the natural world. My education has been pieced together through diverse experiences, internships and self study. I love working with kids and inspiring wonder in the natural world. I love cooking, climbing trees, working hard, chopping wood, singing songs (not exactly a trained singer), dancing, handcrafting things and sharing stories. My wife and I will both be joining this season and we can’t wait to meet all of you and get outside!

Meet Alex!
Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I go by she/they pronouns. I am originally from Ohio, although I recently packed up and moved to Washington State! From a young age I have always felt astounded by the beauty of nature and have made it my goal to always venture further. I have spent the last few years traveling/hiking all across America and I am so excited to adapt this knowledge to some new terrain, and teach kids how to make the world your personal playground. This will be my first time being able to work at a camp and I could not be more excited for it! I believe that nature is our greatest source of healing energy, and I am looking forward to getting more in touch with my spirituality along with spreading the good vibes to everyone I meet. My main goal is to pass along this love of nature to our upcoming youth, and hoping to instill the same drive I have to protect and defend the beauty of the land we call home. I am looking forward to meeting all of you!!

Meet Gretta!
Hi! My name is Gretta (she/her), and I’m from Sandy, Oregon. That’s a small town east of Portland, near Mt. Hood. My family owns a small farm up there. I’m excited about this spring and to be working out in the woods where it will feel more like home. I find myself missing the comfort of trees all around me and the lake 10 minutes away from my house. I am currently an economics major at UO with the goal of a future in non-profits and a focus on community development. I worked in a daycare for two years before moving here, and I have tutored kids of all ages in math, science, reading, and economics. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and teaching kids about science and the comfort found among the trees.

Meet Larissa!
My name’s Larissa and I use (she/her) pronouns.I am originally from the Rio grande valley but currently call San Antonio Texas my home! I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with my bachelors in Geography and Environmental Sustainability. I found my love for nature through the many hill country trails and camping trips I’ve been able to take throughout Texas. I’ve worked as an urban farmer for San Antonio’s food bank and have enjoyed my experiences working with other nonprofits. I find nature a healing aspect in my life and can’t wait to share the wonders and beauty that nature carry if you take the time to explore it with the younger generation.I am looking forward to seeing the beauty that is Oregon and getting to learn from all of you! In my free time I enjoy exploring nature,dancing salsa and reading a good book!

Meet Téa!
Hey! My name is Téa (she/her). I’m from Leadville Colorado. I studied at Colorado Mountain College and took courses in outdoor recreation and leadership. This past summer I worked on a farm where we hosted small groups of kids and taught them about pollination and several different types of farming techniques. I enjoy making pottery, farming, and traveling (I’m pretty much known for never staying in one place).

Meet Isabelle!
My name is Isabelle and my pronouns are she/they. I’m excited to meet you all! I am from San Diego and will be road-tripping up the coast. I’ve studied bio and data science at UCSD, which I plan to return to post pandemic. Let me know if you have any bio fun facts, mine is that crab-like organisms have evolved separately multiple times (carcinization!). I think it gives the energy of everyone bringing the same thing to a potluck. I have been a camp counselor at the Japanese friendship garden before, it was a lovely experience and I was absolutely blown away by Portland’s (and the PNW as a whole) gardens and nature! It’s so beautiful. I enjoy being active and am looking forward to canoeing and being by the lake!! My favorite backpacking spot is in Tahoe, and I believe the wilderness and being in nature without service occasionally is so important for emotional wellness and joy. In a more cozy theme you can find me reading, watching Buffy reruns, or playing board games.

Meet Susannah!
Hello everyone! I’m Susannah and I use they/she pronouns. I grew up in Richmond Virginia and recently graduated from JMU with a degree in Justice Studies and minor in Environmental studies. I found a sense of peace and connection being outside during my time living near the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’m excited to continue cultivating my relationship with nature and support students in the same way this spring ! I have experience working with young people through my internship at the Collins Center, a child advocacy center, and have course work in environmental problem solving and environmental communication. Being a peer educator on my campus was also an amazing experience and I discovered my love for facilitating conversation around important topics. I love reading, skating, swimming, foraging for mushrooms, being outside in the rain and continuing to learn and unlearn in order to better support myself and my community. Stoked to meet everyone!

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