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Outdoor School

Our Outdoor School Leadership Team has participated in the BEETLES Institute out of Lawrence Hall at UC Berkeley. This innovative, student-centered, nature-centered system of teaching and learning is transformative, inclusive, and profoundly effective.







Camp Fire Wilani is excited to launch its services as an Outdoor School provider! OSU Extension directly reimburses schools 100% of costs associated with approved Outdoor School programs for 5th and 6th grade students. To view the OSU Extension funding application, click here! Or visit the OSU Outdoor School webpage here!

We offer three-day, (and/or) two night programs at beautiful Camp Wilani @Havenroot: a biologically diverse, beautiful location with a pond, stream, Western pond turtles, rough skinned newts, a wide variety of birds, deer, and other wildlife. We have cozy, simple cabins with bunk beds that sleep between 8 and 12.

“I am so thrilled to have spent three days outside of mine with Camp Fire Wilani. Not only were the staff courteous and professional but also they were able to put together amazing lessons in which my students’ retention of the material lasted for weeks. You could see it in their eyes they were proud to learn about the natural world around them and each day were amped to begin. Camp Fire Wilani’s Outdoor School Program was a seamless blend of summer camp-style team building and academic and scientific inquiry. I cannot wait to come back year after year!”  – Tami Bloom, Teacher – Crow-Applegate Elementary School

Day Only: $75 per student for all three days (comes to less than $5 per hour)

Residential: $150 per student for all three days (includes meals and lodging)

Camp Fire Wilani staff provide 100% of curriculum development, lesson facilitation, and learning materials. Teacher can have a bit of a mental break and enjoy the program with their students.

This price includes:
  • Pre and post classroom visits
  • All instruction and lesson materials
  • Low ropes team challenge
  • Canoeing for pond exploration
  • Beverage and a healthy snack
  • Students should bring a hearty lunch. Schools are responsible for transportation.
Fall 2019
  • Week 1: September 10th-12th BOOKED!
  • Week 2: September 16th- 18th, September 17th-19th, or September 18th-20th
  • Week 3: September 23th- 25th, September 24th-26th, or September 25th-27th
  • Week 4: September 30th-October 2nd, October 1st-3rd, or October 2nd-4th BOOKED!
  • Week 5: October 7th-9th, October 8th-10th, or October 9th-11th BOOKED
  • Week 6: October 15th-17th BOOKED
  • Week 7: October 22nd-24th
  • Week 8: October 28th – October 31st


  • Week 1: March 3oth-April 1st, March 31st-April 2nd, April 1st-3rd
  • Week 2: April 6th-April 8th, April 7th-9th, or April 8th-10th
  • Week 3: April 13th-17th, April 14th-16th, or April 15th-17th
  • Week 4: April 20th-22nd, April 21st-23rd, April 22nd-24th
  • Week 5: April 27th -April 29th, April 28th-30th, or April 29th-May 1st
  • Week 6: May 4th-6th, May 5th-7th, or May 6th-8th
  • Week 7: May 11th-13th, May 12th-14th, or May 13th-15th
  • Week 8: May 18th-20th, May 19th-21st, or May 20th-22nd
  • Week 9: May 25th-27th, May 26th-28th, or May 27th-29th
  • June 2nd – June 4th

Interested in booking Camp Fire Wilani as your provider? Contact Elissa Kobrin:, Direct: 541-359-4508

Or fill out our easy online application RIGHT HERE!

Three-day Residential Program

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of individual classes and can be tailored to meet specific class needs by adjusting learning content and the inclusion of need-specific elements such as team building facilitation and positive conflict resolution.

Our programs run Monday – Wednesday, Tuesday – Thursday, or Wednesday through Friday.

Maximum Capacity: 130 students at a time, schools may choose to split weeks. 

Example: Group 1 arrives Monday Morning, Group 2 Arrives Wednesday Morning and busses take Group 1 back back on Wednesday, return Friday for Group 2.

Residential Program Chaperones: Camp Fire Wilani requests one faculty member, staff person, or selected parent chaperone per every 10-12 students. The Camp Fire Wilani staff does 100% of the curriculum development and lesson facilitation. Chaperones help with behavior management, assisting the instructor when asked, and escorting students to the bathroom and other support (rule of three to be followed.) After our evening program, chaperones take over supervision. They help kids prepare for bed: teeth brushed, face washed, pajamas, quiet time and sleep. An adult chaperone should be with the students overnight. They also get the students up for breakfast and to the dining hall, then the Camp Fire Wilani staff takes over again.

Parent, staff and teacher chaperones attend the program for free. There is no cost for lodging or meals.
Adult-only accommodations are available for additional staff.

Three-day Non-Residential Program

Spend three consecutive days at Camp Wilani @Havenroot without an overnight stay.

Traveling Day Program (Launching in 2020) 

Designed to reduce travel costs and teach students about their local environments, this 3-day program comes to you. Our facilitators select a destination or group of destinations within 30 driving minutes of the school we are serving and provide place based-lessons from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, any three consecutive days Monday-Friday.







Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within